About Us

Established in 1985, by two Polish migrants - Jozef i Helena Serafin. They laid the foundations to what is Krakus Lawson Bros. manufacturing and retail. 

Gaining valuable experience in the small goods industry, as well as bringing knowledge and recipes from their home country of Poland, Krakus Lawson Bros specialises in the manufacture of over 30 different types of Sausages and Hams. 

Now taken over by their daughter and Son in law Agata and Krzysztof Wojcik, Krakus Lawson Bros, delivers and sells polish small goods all over NSW, ACT and Queensland to make it one of the biggest Polish smallgoods manufacturers in Australia. 

Made from all natural products, using the highest quality Australian pork, all products are made without any preservatives, additives, flavouring or colouring. Using traditional recipes and methods passed down through generations, Krakus Lawson Bros manufactures some of the best tasting small goods in the country.


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